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Internal Inlet Filter

The compressed air inlet port for the Automatic AirPrime primer is protected by a stainless steel mesh filter that is recessed within the threaded port located at the top of the primer body. The purpose of the filter is to trap debris that accumulates in the air brake system over time or due to excess pipe sealant or Teflon tape used during assembly of the truck. If the efficiency of the primer degrades, this is a common cause and should be investigated.

Checking an Automatic Primer

  1. Locate the primer within the fire pump enclosure.
  2. Remove the two (2) Phillips head screws (Photo 1) on top of the solenoid. Make note of the orientation of the solenoid. It is possible to put it on backwards resulting in a malfunction of the primer.
  3. After the solenoid is removed there will be a flat washer (Photo 2) and O-Ring (Photo 3) on top of the manifold that has to be set aside and reused.
  4. Loosen and remove the two (2) recessed socket head screws (Photo 4) that secure the manifold to the top of the primer body.
  5. It is not necessary to remove any plugs, filters or airlines connected to the manifold.
  6. The filter is recessed within the port under the manifold. Use caution to not lose the O-Ring located at the top of the primer.
  7. With an angled dental pick, pull out the filter.
  8. Visually inspect the filter for blockage.
  9. If debris is present on the domed portion of the filter, try to remove it with the dental pick. Alternatively, hold the filter and blow compressed air through the bottom (flat portion) of the filter. Do not direct the airflow towards anyone.
  10. If the filter remains clogged and you are unable to clean it, order a replacement from Trident, Part #21.002.0
  11. Replace the cleaned (or new) filter into the primer using a small diameter object to press the filter flat into the bottom of the bore.
  12. Reassemble the primer and check for proper function. NOTE: Use a drop of Loctite 243 in the screw holes where the manifold attaches to the primer body and where the solenoid attaches to the manifold.
  1. Solenoid
  2. Manifold
  3. Filter









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