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A Trident model #31.001.22 air operated, 12-volt automatic operation, 3-location primer system shall be installed. The primer body assembly shall be of all brass construction, compact and super quiet (less than 70dBA) with a three (3) barrel design, with .750” female NPT connection. The system shall include one 3-position pump panel rocker switch control with placard, two (2) push to prime switches and placards (for 2nd and 3rd priming locations), a wiring harness, a discharge pressure sensor, and a separate primer with electric over air solenoid attached. The system shall not require any more than 0.1-amp draw using a 12-volt power source. The primer shall be powered with air from the chassis air-brake system and shall not require any belts or lubricant reservoir. The system shall meet all requirements and applicable sections of NFPA standards. The unit shall require 10 CFM air supply and shall be environmentally safe.


The panel rocker switch shall have a “PRIME” position, “OFF”, and an “AUTO” position. When pushed and held in the “PRIME” position, air will be supplied to the primer causing sufficient vacuum to prime the fire pump. Once a prime is achieved, the operator can move the rocker switch to the “AUTO” position which will automatically restart the primer if the discharge pressure drops below 20-PSIG. An indicator light built into the rocker switch will be lit when the “AUTO” mode is engaged. An interlock on the wiring harness shall be wired to allow for AUTOMATIC operation only when the “OK to pump indicator” light is ON.

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